GINLITE UV-C Disinfectant Lamp Trolley

Item No.: GL-XD-03
GINLITE UV Disinfectant Lamp Trolley is suitable for the disinfection in hospitals, schools, offices, shopping malls, canteens and factories,etc.
Technical Parameter
Model No GL-XD-03
Color Black/Silver/White
Material ABS + Aluminum
Wave length 185nm/253.7nm
Rated Power 80W/120W/150W/200W
Rated Voltage 110V/220V
UV Light Tube Ultraviolet + Ozone
Function(optional) Radar sensors
  Romote control
  Smart timing modes
Retracted dimension 250*810*1300mm (150W/200W)
Retracted dimension 250*690*1060mm ( 80W/120W)