GINLITE Household Blue Sky Light GL-D Series

Item No.: GL-D-300600/3001200/1401150
GINLITE Household Blue Sky Light, to bring sunshine home.
Turn on the blue sky light  

Looked up and saw the sky as blue as if it had cleared 
after the rain 

Bow down and you can see the soft sunlight on the wall

If you're in it

As if standing under the blue sky and white clouds

Surrounded by bright sunlight

Inut100-240VAC/ 7800K/50W/2000lm/Ra93/ Light angle30°/Constant current/High PF/No Flicker/Isolated/Cerificated/Lamp voltage40V/Current1.2A/Certificate CCC CE ROHS(Philips Driver)

Input100-240VAC/2100-7800K/50W/1500lm/ Ra93/Light angle30/Constant current/High PF/No Flicker/Certificated/Lamp voltage40V/ current1.2A/Certificates CCC CE ROHS

Input100-240VAC/7800K/100W/4000lm/Ra93/Light angle30°/Constant current/High PF/No Flicker/Isolated/Certificated/Lamp voltage 40V/Current2.4A/Certificates CCC CE ROHS(philips driver)

Input100-240VAC/2100-7800K/50W*2/3000lm/Ra93/Light angle30°/Constant current/High PF/No flicker/Isolated/Certificated/Lamp  voltage40V/Current2.4A/Certificates CCC CE ROHS

Input100-240VAC/7800K/50W/2000lm/Ra93/ Light angle30°/Constant current/High PF/No flicker/Isolated/Certificated/Lamp voltage40V/ Current1.2A/Certificates CCC CE ROHS(Philips driver)

Input100-240VAC/2100-7800K/50W/1500lm/ Ra93/Light angle30°/Constant current/High PF/No flicker/Isolated/Certificated/Lamp voltage 40V/Current1.2A/Certificates CCC CE ROHS