Powershine Solar Water Pumping System
Powershine photovoltaic water pumps is solar-powered water pumps. Photovoltaic water pumping system is Luminous energy - Electro Mechanical integration System with the rapid development in recent years, which is using the electricity by the solar panel, through the maximum power point tracking, conversion and control device drivers DC, permanent magnet, brushless, non-sensor dual-rotor plastic motor or high-performance high-speed asynchronous motor or switched reluctance motor driven high efficiency pump, pumping water for irrigation or human and animal consumption from the depth to the ground.
It has been increasingly recognized the most attractive means of water supply in the sunshine rich areas especially in the remote areas of lack of electricity and without electricity, using the solar energy which is taken from everywhere and inexhaustible to achieve water supply of high economic and high reliability, pumps work sunrise and stop sunset automatically without human control and it is really the green energy high-tech product with economic reliability and environmental benefits.